Twits du Jour (Jun 24)

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  • @RussB I can't root for the French, can I? ;-) #
  • @RussB No. As a young nation, we sucked at sports. So we invented games we could excel at, until the rest of the world catches up that is. #
  • @RussB A loss is a loss. That's the way we are in America. There's no room for seconds or thirds. We just forget it ever happened. ;-) #
  • @RussB Nonono. Bad example. The 'Dream Team' got its collective arrogant ass kicked at the Olympics a few times. #
  • @RussB Yup. That's why it's called the "World Series". We are the world. #
  • Dinner with the girls… (with Kim and Vicki at @outback) - #
  • My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Kenny Chesney (7), Lita Ford (6) & Circus Maximus (3) #
  • @RussB You betcha! :) #