BBEdit 7

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me I installed BBEdit 7 on one of my Macs earlier today. I really wanted to play with the new CVS integration.

First thing I noticed, no CVS configuration options or preferences, and of course, it failed miserably. No online help either.

It kept on saying that the connection to my host failed. I assumed it had something to do with SSH. I found the answers I was looking for in the online FAQ. Turns out that you need to setup a global CVS_RSH environment variable using the instruction provided in an OS X Technical Note. Kinda nifty. Don't forget to logout/login for the changes to actually take effect.

The CVS menu provides the basic functionality, and seems to work fairly well. The lack of customization is disappointing, to say the least. Overall it is not too bad for a first implementation, but there's a long way to go to make it really viable.

Apart from the CVS stuff, there's really nothing much new in version 7. Hardly seems worth the upgrade price.

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