Interface Conventions

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booksO'Reilly releases eleven new pocket-sized references.

blogNeil — Java Decompilers (continued). DJ Java Decompiler is based on Jad too.

blogPhillip — Alpha/beta testers wanted for a web app.

newsJava spat to percolate in court.

blogFred — AntAcid. Looks promising...

blogCharles — Code Conventions (final).


javafastUtil 2.0, a fast and compact type-specific utility classes for Java.

javaUploadBean 1.2.1 component released.

javaClustered Cache: Tangosol releases Coherence 1.2.2.

newsBill Gates buys Nextel shares from McCaw.


newsIndustry's First Web Services Diagnostics System: Mindreef SOAPscope Personal 1.0.

javaFrank's Java Code Stack: Memory Mapped Files.

javaCodeWarrior Wireless Studio to Support New MIDP 2.0 Standard.

javaInsignia Provides Java-enabling Technology For New Dell Axim X5 Handheld.

newsOpenwave Powers New Sharp GX-10.


newsHow To Get Hired As An Open Source Developer.

javaXerces-J 2.2.1 now available. XML-Apache Project.

blogDavid — Controversy sells.


netSquirrelMail 1.2.10 released!

newsWhy the metric system is wrong.

newsAdobe ships PDF server software.

javaJFormula, a shareware library for evaluating mathematical expression.

javaJASon, an open source Java Application Server.

javaWebzap is an framework for the development of web applications or views of multiple tier client server systems using the WingS API.

javaSferyx JSyndrome HTMLEditor is a full featured visual HTML Editor Java component built with JDK v1.4.


javaSun launches updated mobile Java standard. MIDP 2.0.

blogJeff — Naming conventions, coupling and interfaces...

blogChris — Great refactoring story.

blogAndy — Here's my unsolicited opinion of NetBeans 3.4.

blogMatt — Phoenix gets faster.

blogRuss — Coding Conventions Continued...

blogDarren — Interfaces considered Important.

dateHappy Birthday to Charles.

netTightVNC 1.2.7 released.


javaThe Apache Jakarta Taglibs team would like to announce the release of the following JSP Custom Tag Libraries. Except for the Benchmark Taglib 1.0 release these releases are minor bug fixes and repackaging of the release archives. See the individual tag library documentation revision history for a list of changes.

  • Application 1.0.1
  • Benchmark 1.0
  • Datetime 1.0.1
  • Page 1.0.1
  • Random 1.0.1
  • Regexp 1.0.1
  • Request 1.0.1
  • Response 1.0.1
  • Sessions 1.0.1
  • XSL 1.0.1

The binary and/or source distributions are available at:


javaJToolKit 1.5, a new product bundle containing JTKEvaluator 1.0, JTKSortSuite 4.0 and JTKDateTimeHelper 2.2.

javaTortuga Technologies Announces Ozibug 1.3.0.

javaJava SOS 3.15, a Java servlets office suite.

javaJasperReports 0.4.4, a Java-based, XML-enabled tool for printing runtime-generated documents.

javaJSwat Java Debugger 2.11, a JPDA based graphical Java debugger.

javaSun to Release Java Dev Kit upgrade for StarOffice

blogDominic —

blogCedric — I is for Interface and Code conventions.

blogRuss — Coding Conventions - _I_ want to kill the Impl.

blogCharles — I is NOT for Interface.

blogDamien — I for interfaces?.

blogFred — OpenJNLP 0.7.1 has been released.

netMozilla 1.2 pulled.

netWikipedia, a collaborative project to produce a free and complete encyclopedia in every language.

linuxInspector Gadget: Sharp Zaurus SL-5500.