The Day of the Dead

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blogFred: Collaboration Standards.

newsMicrosoft Judge Sold Tech Stocks.


javaRuss: A Marvelous Mind. My mind works like lightning, one brilliant flash and it's gone.


javaTutorials for Ant and Log4J.

blogDominic: “CapitalOne…(Struts in your wallet)?” I know Bank of America uses JSP.

javamvnForum 1.0.0 beta, an opensource Jsp/Servlet forum, has been released.

blogCedric: “The EJBGen mailing-list broke the 450 subscribers while I wasn't looking.”


javaShadowJAAS 1.0.0, a JAAS-compliant authentication provider that uses shadow passwords.


blogSean: Crypto terms 101.

javaJaim 0.4, an open source library Java library that implements the AOL TOC IM protocol.

blogMatt: IE5/Mac CSS Hints.

newsSun to Pursue Billion-Dollar Microsoft Suit.

javaJFaceDbc is a JDBC client application written in Java. The GUI is based on JFace and SWT libraries from the Eclipse Project.

perlJavadoc Search 0.9, a PERL cgi search tool for JavaDoc.

javaWebUtils 1.0.0, a Java toolkit for the development of servlets.

newsBlog to Court: Check Your Facts.

macHexEdit 1.8.5, an utility for viewing & editing files in HEX or ASCII.

tvDistributed TiVo Code Cracking.