Twits du Jour (Feb 16)

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  • If you're not achieving your goals the old fashion way; sue somebody. Apparently there's money in that. Everybody's a victim. #
  • I'm watching The Chicago Code, Hog Butcher (Season 1, Episode 2) via @intonow #
  • Watson is the "man"! #
  • I'm at Burgermaster - Everett (7909 Evergreen Way, Everett) #
  • I'm at The UPS Store (10121 Evergreen Way #25, Everett) #
  • I'm at 7-Eleven (507 W Casino Rd, Everett) #
  • I'm watching NCIS, Defiance (Season 8, Episode 15) via @intonow #
  • @trackthepack Added a package that is out for delivery today, nothing in the ical feed either. Is that normal? #
  • @trackthepack Make sense... Thanks for the clarification. #
  • @trackthepack Actually the package was delivered already. It shows in the RSS feed so I would expect it in the iCal feed. #
  • @trackthepack ethauvin. Thanks for looking into it. #
  • Whomever is making strange noises in my fridge better stop. My stove was whining last night too. I guess I'll be calling Sears soon. #
  • 4:30am, sitting on the couch, laptop on my knees, one cat snuggled up against my leg, the other snoring away on the chair. Life is good. #
  • @trackthepack Is the calendar feed functional? RSS feed looks good, but iCal feed is totally empty. #