Twits du Jour (Dec 15)

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  • @AddToAny All good now, didn't last long actually. Thanks. #
  • @koehntopp @russb The number was given by the interviewer as rumored, he said ALL ad-based versions combined could get there... #
  • @koehntopp @russb You know he actually did not say that... #
  • RT @hughhefner: Crystal brought me a laptop computer & now she & Anna are showing how it works. It's like my iPad, but more complicated. #
  • @koehntopp Can't use your Mac at work? #
  • @koehntopp Misconfigured card or driver? Operator error... but if blaming the OS makes you feel better... ;-) #
  • @koehntopp No need to reboot: #
  • @koehntopp Macs were notorious for not renewing DHCP leases... Had to reset the PRAM to fix it too. #
  • @koehntopp That sounds almost Mac-like! ;-) #
  • The new MSNBC iPhone app no longer 'flows' the news. Layout is all cramped up now. Shucks. #
  • Have to get to bed early tonite. Vicki is having oral surgery tomorrow morning. #
  • @AddToAny Having servers issues? Can't connect from multiple locations. #
  • I'm at Fred Meyer (8530 Evergreen Way, Everett). #
  • I'm at OM3 Oral Maxillofacial & Implant Surgery (3229 Hoyt Avenue, Suite 2, Everett). #
  • Erik's Tumbles - Google Buzz Bookmarklet #
  • Browsing with Chrome to support a good cause: #
  • Erik's Tumbles - ‘The Mechanic’ #
  • What does $11.99 get you for breakfast? @ Mukilteo Speedway Cafe #