La Question du Jour

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javaI'm looking for ways to create password protected Zip archives using Java. If you have any suggestions let me know.

javaHenri has some interesting Ant tidbits.

javaMy partner asked me the following question yesterday:

I am trying to get the indexOf a header column regardless of it's case.

This is how I do it case sensitive:

    int pos = data.indexOf("Custom List 2");

But I also want to find the case where it's "custom list 2".

The answer? Simple, make everything lowercase:

    int pos = data.toLowerCase().indexOf("custom list 2");

But I can definitely understand how puzzling it could be to someone who doesn't write code for a living.

javaSomeone on the Java-Dev mailing list asked about getting the MRJ JavaDiddler to run under OS X. I suggested giving BeanShell a try instead.

macThe July 2002 Mac OS X 10.2 Developer Tools and the August 2002 Update are now available for free download by all ADC Members.

I was able to compile the latest Jikes CVS snapshot once I applied the update.

macNew Web Page: Mac OS X Server Resources For Developers.

macNew Internet Developer Article: Installing Perl 5.8 on Jaguar.

newsCyberlaundry: eSuds. What will they think of next?

linuxYet another try at a Linux Desktop Edition.

newsParis remembers Diana five years on.