Twits du Jour (Apr 24)

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  • Looking forward to a potentially good dinner after a pretty good movie. (@ Claim Jumper Restaurant Lynnwood, WA) #
  • I'm at Alderwood - Food Court. #
  • Going to see The Losers (@ AMC Loews Alderwood Mall 16) #
  • @treo700 Very cool. Thanks. #
  • Erik's Tumbles - 19 Tips Every Windows 7 User Needs To Know: Keyboard Shortcuts, Problem Step Recorder, Font… #
  • @vbehzadi I hope so, but right now the Palm's base64 encoding library is not well suited for large docs, like photos//videos. #
  • @treo700 Thanks. Glad you liked it. #
  • Erik's Tumbles - Yes. Donkeys can fly! #
  • @RussB Can you speak? Nevermind. ;) Feel better soon. #
  • Who needs a top sheet and comforter when you have a cat that insists on plastering herself against you when you get to bed? #
  • @jimh Yeah, I had a few in mind too. ;-) Additionally, their domain/url forwarding is javascript-based, kinda lame. But free is free. #
  • for webOS was downloaded about 500 times today, stellar ratings too. I'm stoked. #
  • Erik's Tumbles - Health Care Reform Infographic #
  • Free domains at I just created No renewal fees either. #