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I just released my first Palm webOS application. for webOS

A simple and free client for the popular service. is a simple and free service that makes updating your social networks a snap. Post from anywhere, to anywhere.

This application uses the API but is not endorsed or certified by

It is now available in the Palm App Catalog.

I actually wrote it late last year, but had to wait for Palm to enable web distribution of beta applications, and then, wait for to activate my API key (Thanks, Sean).

Of course nothing would have happened without Dion. He provided me with a Palm Pre, and even tested the app for me. Thanks, mate.

If you want to look at the source code, it can be found in my subversion repository.


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May 26, 2010

Love the App so far, but can't figure out how to send a pic with the social updating sites.

What am I missing?

Erik C. Thauvin

May 26, 2010

Photos are not supported right now. I couldn't find a suitable library for encoding large objects such as photos and videos.