Twits du Jour

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  • We're at Applebee's. Must be Thursday night. #
  • So, the US auto industry big wigs drove hybrids to D.C., saved a few carbon miles. Haven't they heard of carpooling? #
  • Erik's Tumbles: - Easy and fast Webchat: Does IRC chat pretty well too. #
  • Erik's Tumbles: Smart Solutions: Delta Faucet: I’m a pretty big fan of their H2Okinetic s.. #
  • Erik's Tumbles: BlackBerry Storm Scratch test…. #
  • Erik's Tumbles: GNUnet: GNUnet is a free software framework for decentralized, peer-to-pe.. #
  • Taking the garbage out, because 3 days old sushi leftovers doesn't make for the best air freshner. #