Twits Du Jour

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  • @francoisplanque Good point. I plead the Fifth. #
  • Watching Dancing with the Stars. Vicki got me hooked on it now. #
  • Hot dogs for dinner. I just picked some fresh bread. Firing up the barbecue. #
  • LastFM Love/Twitter Mashup: Twit your loved tracks #
  • In a Live Chat with NeatReceipts tech support. Can't upgrade to the latest version. #
  • Sarah Silverman - The Great Schlep #
  • My handyman got hit by a bike on the freeway. The rider fell and was arrested by the state patrol. He was being chased for robbing a store. #
  • RedBull Air Racer “buzzes” the air traffic controllers in the tower. #
  • My chairs squeaks more and more lately. Going to drive me nuts. Better give it the wd-40 treatment. #
  • Erik's Weblog: The Ralph Nader & Obama Girl Show #
  • Create XPERIA X1 Panels with new Sony Ericsson Beta SDK for Windows Mobile 6.1: On September 3, 2008, So.. #
  • Good morning. Nothing like being up before sunrise. #
  • Erik's Weblog: Twits Du Jour #