Twits Du Jour

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  • Just watched The Mentalist. It's got potential. #
  • Maybe I shouldn't have reset my mom's skype password, just in case the dumbass who stole her laptop manages to get it going. #
  • Stop, Showertime! #
  • @RussB Good morning. That's why I have a wife. That sounds bad, but it's true. I cook, she cleans. #
  • We already decided on pulled pork barbecue sandwiches for dinner. 6 hours in the slow cooker… Better get to the store soon. #
  • Retweeting @rww: Pandora Issues a "Call to Arms" to its Listeners #
  • FoodTube: YouTube for Food Recipes #
  • Watching the debate now, since I feel asleep during last night. #
  • Erik's Weblog: Twits Du Jour #