Twits Du Jour

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  • @RussB Don't be so sure, considering how fast you're spending money. ;-) #
  • Synology is sending a replacement fan for the DS207+. Impressive tech support response time for a change. #
  • Erik's Weblog: Costco: Obama or McCain #
  • Lunch at Red Robin. #
  • @RussB Already spedning that hard-earned cash, I see. #
  • Just sent another picture of our cat's ear to the vet. 2 weeks of antibiotics didn't do much. Surgery is pretty much innevitable. #
  • This Synology DS207+ fan noise is going to drive me up the wall. I gotta find a solution. I emailed them, not expecting much. #
  • @RussB Start by putting $50 or more in your savings account. Financial freedom is a state of mind. #
  • Erik's Weblog: WaMu - Congratulations! #
  • Erik's Weblog: Twits Du Jour #