Twits Du Jour

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  • Watching 'Epic Movie'. #
  • Interesting, it's the second movie with Kal Penn I saw today. The Namesake was better. #
  • TV-off. Couldn't find anything worthy to watch. #
  • Why doesn't twhirl support yet? #
  • Listening to Alice Cooper's Along Came a Spider. Not his best, by a long shot. #
  • @fkoehn Wow, is that for a new one? #
  • Markdown: Lightweight Markup Scheme for Twitter #
  • Damn truckers. Honking in the middle of the night in support of the Boeing strikers. It sounds like a god damn freight train is going by. #
  • And I was all set to go to bed early. Well, I guess it is early. The sun isn't up yet. Mission Accomplished (circa 2003 Dubya) #
  • @tamkin Ramadan? #
  • List of United States Presidential Nicknames: List of United States Presidential Nicknames: The Wimp, Te.. #
  • I didn't realize that Microsoft had bundled all of the Live products in a single installer. Nice. #
  • wonders if the HTC Touch HD will sport a G-Sensor like the Diamond. #
  • I just love it when Google Reader goes tits up in the middle of my daily reading, and then just kicks me out. Ingrate! #
  • at the store. Getting some bread. Making pasta tonight. #
  • Guess the Song? Playing around with Qik while stopped at a light. #
  • @RussB Congrats! :-) #
  • iTweet 2: Yet another web-based Twitter interface. #
  • @stevegillmor Obama is doing exactly what Hilary said he would do when pushed by the GOP, crumble under pressure. #
  • Watching Batman Begins on ABC while surfing. Even with commercials it's a better movie than the sequel. #
  • The Boys are Back in Black... Ice #
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