Nuance PDF Converter 5

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Couple days ago I installed PDF Converter Pro 5 from Nuance. They called me last week to offer me a deal, since I already own OmniPage and PaperPort.

Everything went fine until I actually tried to launch the PDF Converter application. I was presented with your typical Vista's Application as stopped working dialog, which also pointed to a brief html crash report about the app trying to write to non existing memory.

I browsed their website to try to find a solution. Nothing relevant. I figured I'd just email tech support with a copy of the crash report. To my surprise, you have pay to get tech support. Well…You do get one free incident. No free option to send crash reports, etc.

They only option left was to email Customer Service about it. They told me very nicely that they couldn't do anything for me. Not even forward my report to the tech support department.

I have no problems reporting and tracking bugs for companies, but I am not paying or using up a 'free' incident to do so. They are limits to my stupidity.

Needless to say Nuance lost me as a customer. Now they are stuck with issuing a refund, and if they won't, amex will be more than happy to.


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Jim Willeke

Apr 26, 2008

I had the same type of issue and I agree.
They are selling a DEAD End product with no support option.
They do not even have a community for PDF Converter Pro.

Nuance Sukcs.


Apr 26, 2008

I agree.

Gary D. User

May 26, 2008

I bought Converter 5 from the marketing phone call as an upgrade of Convert 4 (which was great but a little slow to load).

When I install and run it on Vista it takes over my machine when I run Outlook 2003, using 60% of my cpu cycles continuously.

I had to uninstall it.

My 30 days are up so too late for a refund and no help, not even a knwoledge base that is relevant.

I am very dissappointed with Nuance.

Isidoor Bornstein

Jun 18, 2008

I received an e-mail offering Converter 5 for a reduced price.

I was thinking of purchasing it until I read these comments.

Based on what appears to be a unanimous opinion, I shall pass.

Nigel Fuss

Jul 6, 2008

sad to say my pdf converter 5 pro has also got the same problem. Tried reinstalling many times with no luck.


Mar 8, 2009

My entire PC has crashed over this. First I noticed some weird error message trying to open a Microsoft Word file after installing PDF Creator. So I restarted the computer. It has never started back up. I half blame Nuance and half blame Vista. Nuance has worked PERFECTLY for me on XP. I have had more than my share of problems installing software on Vista. I am not sure about Nuance, but actually Microsoft has basically lost my future business. They released Vista and it was NOT ready. Period. Vista has so many routine compatibility issues.


Mar 15, 2009

Nuance PDF converter CRASHES WINDOWS VISTA when printing from MICROSOFT INTERNET EXPLORER. The software is being sold at major retailers and should be recalled and taken off the shelves all money refunded. CAUSES A BLUE SCREEN IN VISTA. NOT A VISTA Problem. Never bluescreened vista before this software. NOT COOL. THEY KNOW ITS BUGGY AND DON'T PATCH IT. Dont buy this software EVER.

PDF Pro user

Apr 12, 2010

how come there's no point release for PDF Pro? I thought nuance will release an update for PDF pro to fixed the bugs and problems?

Where's the solution they promised? its been 3months now but i have'nt heard any from them.. Nuance is the worst company ever! Selling dead products like Paperport and Omnipage?

Whats with the false advertisment..

Nuance Sucks!!

Ed Bolton

May 9, 2010

My days of buying from Nunace are over as well.

They sold me PDF Pro v5 just before the release of v6.

It didn't play well with Vista. I have better ways to spend my software budget.


Nov 2, 2010

thanks for sharing, I do agree with you , I have used it , it is easy to use.


Nov 19, 2010

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