HTC Touch Cruise: Registry Hacks

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Here are some of the hacks I've done on my HTC Touch Cruise. I generally use Task Manager to edit registry keys.

Change the Default Bluetooth Name

By default the Bluetooth device name is your user name, which is quite annoying if you have multiple WinMo devices.

First make sure that BT is off, then edit the following registry key:


You'll probably need to soft-reset for the change to take place.

Change the Email Account in the Cube

By default the Cube's Email icon points to the Outlook email account. To use a different email account, edit the following registry key:

"Param"="-service \"EMAIL_SERVICE_NAME_HERE\""

GPS Photo

To turn on the camera option to save GPS coordinates in picture's EXIF data, edit the following registry key:


IE Default Location

To change the default location where IE saves documents to the storage card, edit the following registry key.

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main\Default storage location]
"All Files"="\\Storage Card\\My Documents"

Put Opera in the Cube

The Cube's launcher default to IE, to use Opera, edit the following registry key:



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Erik C. Thauvin

Mar 3, 2008

You might also want to check the Advanced Configuration Tool for more registry hacks.



Mar 12, 2008

please how do i get the screen of the htc touch cruise (htc p3650)to rotate anticlockwise rather than clockwise and vice versa? Thanks


Jun 12, 2008

my work gave me a htc mogul and a password screen pops up every 15 min ask me to enter my password, it is really annoying! do you know how to disable this?

Thank you!

yoram B

Sep 21, 2008

how can I make HTC cruise read photos from storage card when using htc camera album? already implemented IE default location hack