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July 13, 2006 +2 more...


The Millers

Talking about America's Got Talent, check this kid out:


There's a better quality video on the AGT site.



Sep 2, 2006 at 13:17

Yeah, I totally agree. That kid is really out of this world on that mouth harmonica. I come from Denmark, and with regards to mouth harmonica players we have some of the best in the world in our country, but I have never ever heard anything like this in my entire life coming from a kid so young.



Sep 22, 2006 at 16:49

Hey, I just saw these two awesome guys on "Ellen" and they're outta this world.  Where can I get their CD--my husband and his family love love love harmonica and this type of music.  

Need more information on them,
B S Glass

Ruby Galore

Sep 22, 2006 at 19:01

Hey, I just saw these two on the Ellen show too! Amazing! I had to find out more about them right away. Do they have a CD out yet? I thought the judge who said the kid should lose his brother should pull his head out of his

Susan Hilliard

Oct 5, 2006 at 07:06

These brothers are fantastic! I just saw them on TV and did a search for them and found your blog, thanks for posting this!! :):)

Do you know if they have a CD available?

Susan :)


Oct 8, 2006 at 08:36

these guys are great!  hopefully they get a cd out soon.  the judge didnt have any idea what he was saying.

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