Verizon VoiceWing: Sucks!

May 25, 2006
1 min read
Last week I decided to switch my landline to Verizon's VoiceWing VoIP service. Since I already use Verizon for DSL and phone, I figured it would be a smooth transition, and it was.

The service was activated immediately; my phone number was ported in a few days, and we've really been enjoying it for a couple days.

Except that this morning I received an email indicating my service had been suspended. I called them right away and was told they could not provide E-911 service at my location. Why they allowed me to switch to VoiceWing in the first place is still a big mystery.

So here I am, left with no phone. The landline has already been deactivated. I'm so glad I use Skype as my business number.

I just switched to Vonage, unfortunately it'll take 20 days or so for my phone number to transfer, but they are able to provide me with E-911. Go figure.