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March 2, 2006


Please, put Digg out of its misery...

I dig Digg. Great idea, nice enough implementation. But seriously what are Kevin and cohorts thinking?

I understand they want to expand beyond tech news. Great. Better start thinking about clever ways to attract a lot more users. Does anybody really think a threaded comment system is actually going to help? Of all things that could be improved. Get serious.

Digg clones are dime a dozen. I'd hate to have someone with real business savviness steal their thunder. And don't fool yourself, the big guys are more than thinking about it. Google's new bookmarks comes to mind.

I know the Yahoo! acquisition was just a rumor, but please... put Digg out of its misery and gobble it already. Digg's next move is out of its league.

Incidentally, Newsvine just opened its doors to the public.


Erik C. Thauvin

Mar 2, 2006 at 05:19


As I said, I like Digg. I just don't think the "features" which have been introduced lately amount to anything as far as reaching the stated goals.

They need to get their act together and stop dinking around.


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