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February 6, 2006



This has to be one of the coolest gadget I bought in years. The IOGEAR GBMHKIT is a Wireless Stereo Headphone/Headset with Bluetooth capabilities.

It comes with a wireless transmitter/adapter that connects directly to any standard 3.5mm, RCA or phono audio jacks. It allows you to listen to audio/music from up to 66 feet away. The sound quality is outstanding.

Additionally you can pair it to your phone and use it like any other Bluetooth headset.

And, that's the kicker, it does both at once. Let me explain...

I'm currently using it to listen to music all day long. Whenever my phone rings, the music is automatically muted. I just need to press the button on the earpiece to take the call. The music will unmute as soon as the call ends, which is actually a little jolting at first.

Now, it's hardly perfect either...

First, the various included extension/converter cords are total cheap pieces of crap. Thankfully, most local audio/video store will carry good replacements.

Second, the Bluetooth capabilities are very limited. There is no way to initiate a call from the headset, for example.

Third, you can't use the transmitter while it's charging. Well, you can, if you don't mind the hissing sound that comes thru the headphones.

Apart from these very minor annoyances, I just love it.