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March 28, 2003



javaSun plans to get Java on PCs. Sun Microsystems expects major PC makers to begin bundling Sun's software for running Java programs on their computers.

mobileForbes on Centrino/Pentium-M battery life.

windowsMicrosoft Delivers Fresh Windows XP 64-Bit Edition.

mobileYour Personal GPS in a Mobile Phone.

gadgets50 Best Pocket-sized Gadgets for 2003.


javaDownload4J 1.1, a JSP/Servlets component for downloading files.

javaONJava: Surviving Abrupt Shutdown.

javaDesign Markers. Explicit Programming for the Rest of Us

mobileBluetooth: A User's Experience.

blogDiego — onward!.

java blogDidier — The endgame is over! Eclipse Project release 2.1 is now available for download.

blogBrent — Interview with me.

moblogMatt — A Phone Without T9 is Not Worth Owning.

moblogMatthew — Mobile Phone Number Portability Becoming a Reality.

javaSecure FTP Bean 2.0.3, a Java bean for performing secure FTP transfers.

pcCentrino-based Tablet PCs on the horizon.

mobileLINKing your iPod and your cellphone. Skullcandy's LINK headphones.

netUse A Firewall, Go To Jail... AND Send Bill Gates To Jail.

multimedia20-Inch LCD Breaks $1,000 Barrier. Formac's new Oxygen line.

meI'm getting WiFi'ed. I just placed an order for a NETGEAR Wireless Router, PC Card and CF Card. The mail-in rebates and coupons made it impossible to resists.
I even found a 802.11b Driver for Mac OS X. Sweet.

Now I just hope my 2.4GHz cordless phone won't interfere too much. ;-)

linuxEric Raymond Talks About Going Back to Basics.

netCalifornia moves closer to Net sales taxes.

javaFinal Release: Connected Limited Device Configuration 1.1. CLDC.

java blogGreg — Quick References Heaven.

blogCharles — Testing private methods (don't do it).

mobileMobile Commerce. The three giants have signed a letter of intent to work together.

javaTipicME 1.2 out for UIQ, Series 60. J2ME-based Jabber Client.

pdaAcer preps cut-price PocketPC. The n10 is set to cost under $300.

javaTutorial: Look, Ma, No EJBs!

moblogRuss — Nokia MIDP Gaming UI Whitepaper.

blogMatt — Frames and XHTML.

java blogDavid  — IntelliJ IDEA #698 available.

java blogGiulio — To Test Or Not To Test: private methods.

newsID theft: a $1bn a year crime.

meThanks in part to Russ, I was able to solve my Zaurus' TCP/IP over USB problem.

On March 28, 1968 — The U.S. lost its first F-111 aircraft in Vietnam when it vanished while on a combat mission. North Vietnam claimed that they had shot it down.