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Erik's Pulse: 2006-09-26

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Erik C. Thauvin

I just got back from a nice and long self-imposed vacation, and I just don't have enough material for a regular edition of the Pulse. I figured it would be the perfect opportunity to answer the question I get asked most often: "Where do you get all of your links?"

I monitor around 1600 feeds on a daily basis, needless to say that I get links from a wide-variety of places. Over the years clear reading patterns have emerged...

When looking for new blogs, I usually head to the Recent Blogs section at java.blogs. I also look for new blogs on JRoller. I have to admit that the best place to find new blogs is via other blogs. When someone blogs about a new blog, I always subscribe to it.

When looking for Java-related news, I usually stick to the known entities, places like JavaWorld, Sun and Javalobby.

When looking for tutorials, I favor IBM's developerWorks, Sun's, O'Reilly's ONJava and Javalobby's Tips & Tricks forum.

When looking at group blogs, I like Artima's Java Buzz, and

When looking for new software releases, I stop by Freshmeat, News and the Javalobby Announcements forum.

There a few other sites worth mentioning, such as The Server Side and Java Developers Journal.

Of course I am only scratching the tip of the iceberg here. Java-related blogs are were I find the most useful information and truly unique pointers.

I hope this short list will help you get started in the right direction.

Happy link hunting!

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Erik C. Thauvin
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P.S. ok, I couldn't help myself, here are a few links I think you'll enjoy!

This story was published in the September 26, 2006 issue of the Javalobby Newsletter.