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Erik's Pulse: 2004-09-28

 The Pulse
Erik C. Thauvin is director of technology at Imacination Software. He also maintains a blog, as well as a popular linkblog updated daily with the latest Java and technology news.

Erik C. ThauvinD-Day - 2

Tip of the Week:

Clean Up Your Mess: Managing Temp Files in Java Apps

Tutorial of the Week:

Getting Started With the Mobile 3D Graphics API for J2ME

Notable Software Releases:

ASM 1.5.1AspectWerkz 1.0.RC3Daffodil Replicator 1.4
DAO4J 1.00Eclipse 3.0.1edtFTPj/SSL 1.1.4
Enhydra 6.0FileWatch 1.0-beta2FormLayoutMaker rc7
GeoServer 1.2.2IncaX 2.6J2ME Isometric Engine 0.5
J2ME Polish 1.2.1Jakarta HiveMind 1.0 FinalJatha 2.3
JAutoCombo 1.3.1Java Tree Builder 1.3.0java-synaptics 0.1
JBuzzer 1.05JDBInsight 3.0 EA2JFormDesigner 1.0 RC
JFormula 2.8JFox Application Server 2.0 M1jga 0.6
JGraphpad 5.0.3jME 0.7JobServer 1.0
JOSSO 1.0.0 RC2JRex 1.0b_html2JSF-Spring 2.6
JSwat Java Debugger 2.27Lucane Groupware 0.7.3Marathon 0.84
Midlet Tetris 0.2Netty 1.7.3OrindaBuild 4.0
QuickJNLP 0.5Retriever 0.905RIFE 0.8.0
Rolecall 1.1Rome 0.4ServerEclipse 0.1.2
SiteMesh 2.2Struts Menu 2.3SuperWaba 4.5
SwingSet 0.8.2-betaVisual Rules 1.2.1XDoclet 1.2.2 RC1
YourKit Java Profiler 3.0

The Truth is Out There...
Erik C. Thauvin

This story was published in the September 28, 2004 issue of the Javalobby Newsletter.