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9/17/12 The Organic Debate: Are Organic Foods Healthier?
Most of the reasons why we choose organic foods have nothing to do with nutritional content.
8/14/12 The Most Important Meal of the Day
Why breakfast is essential to the success of your day...
7/31/12 What Health Care Fraud is Costing You
Fraud can cost a huge amount of money for both the victim and their insurance company.
7/17/12 Serving Sizes Around the World
Americans have the highest per capita calorie consumption in the world.
7/16/12 Memory Retention and the Forgetting Curve
Our brains can easily accommodate so much information, but why is it that we remember some things vividly while forget others almost instantly?
7/12/12 Quench Your Thirst
Big surprise -- water always wins.
6/28/12 Everyday Poisons In Your Home
Did you know, millions are unintentionally poisoned each year, and a majority of those are children under 6-yers-old?
6/25/12 Can You Afford to Die?
The High Cost of Dying in America...
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