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Java2Html and IntelliJ IDEA

IDEA can export Java source code to HTML, which I find quite useless. I really like the way Java2Html works but there is no integration with IDEA.

You can easily setup an External Tool in IDEA using the Java2Html command line options.

The problem is that I also wanted to: I created a simple batch file to help me accomplish my goal...
@echo off
set TMPFILE="%WINDIR%\temp\%~n1%~x1.html"
java -jar java2html.jar -srcfile %1 -targetfile %TMPFILE%
notepad %TMPFILE%
@echo on
What does it do?
  1. Passes the first argument (the path to the Java source file) to Java2Html.
  2. Instructs Java2Html to save the resulting HTML file directly to the Windows temporary files directory.
  3. Automatically opens the HTML file with Notepad.
To use it, simply place it in the same directory as the Java2Html jar, in my case C:\java2html.

The only thing left to do was to create the External Tool entry in IDEA, as follows:


Marc Novakowski

Feb 1, 2006 at 15:18

You may want to try out the Idea plugin called "Copy as HTML".  It copies the currently-selected code into the clipboard as HTML.  No intermediate files or "external program" required.  The HTML it generates has the same syntax highlighting as the actual IDE.  It's pretty slick.

Erik C. Thauvin

Feb 1, 2006 at 20:47

Thanks Marc.

I actually tried it, but didn't like its extensive use of CSS. It makes it hard for me to, for example, post the HTML code to my blog.

I guess I'm partial to java2html.

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