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October 19, 2007 +1 more...


Tell Toyota to Support Higher Fuel Standards

Toyota advertises itself as the greenest, most fuel-efficient car company in the industry. But now the maker of the best-selling Prius hybrid is opposing tougher U.S. fuel economy standards for cars and light trucks. It's time to tell Toyota to back up its planet-friendly image by supporting a standard of 35 miles per gallon by 2020.

Maybe it's also time to tell them to import those 50+ mpg diesel engines they've been selling in Europe for years too.



Nov 1, 2007 at 21:31

Hi! I too want will share the reasons in occasion of Toyota car.
The first car was toyota corolla, volume of the engine 1.5, good car, but very weak engine.
Car economy class. Car toyota camry, volume of the engine of 2.0 litres. Excellent car,
but it would be desirable even more powerfully! Now I go on car toyota Surf, the engine diesel!
That is necessary for me! 1KZ! COOL!

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