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8/10/19 Water Bottle Sling
Hand sling that is. #crochet
8/5/19 Twits du Jour (August 4)
My circuitous tweets for August 4, 2019
8/1/19 Waffle Kitchen Towel
No pattern, just winged it. #crochet
7/29/19 Twits du Jour (July 28)
My periphrastic tweets for July 28, 2019
7/27/19 Gemini Man
Will Smith is seeing double in Gemini Man.
7/27/19 Twits du Jour (July 26)
My incoherent tweets for July 26, 2019
7/20/19 Star Trek: Picard
SDCC Trailer
7/19/19 C2C Shawl
C2C Granny Stitches and one row of SCs to finish. #crochet
3/18/19 Movies (2019)
Brief reviews of every movie I saw in theaters this year.