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12/31/13 Fire Repairs: Windows
Inside repairs are almost done. Outside hopefully by the end of January.
12/31/13 Twits du Jour (December 30)
Apache Ant 1.9.3 Released # I'm at @WinCoFoods (Everett, WA) # I'm at @costco_online (Everett, WA) # The prim...
12/30/13 Twits du Jour (December 29)
Was out walking 2.79 miles with #Endomondo. See it here: # I'm at Fred Meyer (Everett, WA) # RT @RussB: New blog post: Remote...
12/28/13 Twits du Jour (December 27)
I'm at @KCLS Bellevue Library (Bellevue, WA) #
12/27/13 Twits du Jour (December 26)
Was out walking 3.23 miles with #Endomondo. See it here: # I'm at Everett Public Library (Everett, WA) #
12/25/13 Merry Christmas!
Joyeux Noel
12/25/13 Twits du Jour (December 24)
I'm at Paddywack (Mill Creek, WA) # I'm at L'Artisan French Bakery - @LArtisanBaker (Everett, WA) #
12/24/13 Xmas No-Bake Cookies
Couldn't resist tasting one. Yummy!
1/28/13 Movies (2013)
Brief reviews of every movie I saw in theaters in 2013.