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22 Dec 2011 Prometheus
22 Dec 2011 Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance
Johnny Blaze is baaaack...
22 Dec 2011 Goon
Stiffler vs. Sabertooth
22 Dec 2011 Twits du Jour (December 21)
My discursive tweets for December 21, 2011
21 Dec 2011 Twits du Jour (December 20)
My straying tweets for December 20, 2011
20 Dec 2011 Technology Use on the College Campus
That's an awful lot of technology. I remember having to put my name on a list just to have a bit of computer lab time in college, and I was studying Computer...
20 Dec 2011 Bad Science
Surprise... You can't trust scientists either.
20 Dec 2011 Wrath of the Titans
Sweet dreams are made of this...
8 Jan 2011 Movies (2011)
Short reviews of every movie I saw in 2011.