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12/31/08 Twits du Jour
The first person I followed on Twitter was @rickross. #firstfollow # Erik's Tumbles - This Year in YouTube 2008 # Erik'...
12/30/08 Twits du Jour
Just wached The Planet of the Apes, even with Heston's overacting it still stands the test of time. #
12/29/08 Twits du Jour
Erik's Weblog - Tokyo House # Me, my boots and shovel vs. the snow. Round 2. The snow kicked my ass, again. # John Tesh doing the voiceove...
12/28/08 Tokyo House
Having dinner with friends...
12/27/08 Twits du Jour
Just spent an hour or so shoveling snow and ice. The snow won. #
12/26/08 Twits du Jour
Erik's Tumbles - Wolverine and the X-Men Trailer #2 # Erik's Tumbles - Wolverine and the X-Men # Being stuck at home on...
12/25/08 Merry Xmas!
12/24/08 Merry Snowy Xmas
7/3/08 Movies (2008)
Brief reviews of every movie I saw in theaters in 2008.