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6/28/17 Twits du Jour (June 27)
I'm at @Costco Gas Station in Everett, WA # I'm at costco food court in Eastmont, WA # I'm at Everett F...
6/27/17 Twits du Jour (June 26)
The $100 Billion per year back pain industry is mostly a hoax... #
6/26/17 Twits du Jour (June 25)
Kotlin's hidden costs - Benchmarks # OnePlus 5 International Giveaway @AndroidAuth #giveaway #
6/25/17 Twits du Jour (June 24)
I'm at wayback burgers in Bellevue, WA # Click to win a Free Amcrest ProHD or buy now for $67 w/ coupon: JMPYX8LW here
6/24/17 Twits du Jour (June 23)
I'm at @littlecaesars Pizza in Everett, WA # I'm at @Walmart in Everett, WA # I'm at @Walmart Supercent...
6/23/17 Twits du Jour (June 22)
I'm at @Applebees in Bellevue, WA # I'm at Family History Center in Bellevue, WA # I'm at McDonald's in...
6/22/17 Twits du Jour (June 21)
I'm at Bank of America in Everett, WA #
6/21/17 Twits du Jour (June 20)
Michelin's newest tire doesn't need air, and can be 'recharged' rather than thrown away # Kotlin future features survey results: What to kee...
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