Erik's Pulse: 2007-01-02

Jan 2, 2007
13 min read

Erik's weekly column published in the Java Developer's Journal and Javalobby Newsletters.

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Feb 10, 2004
7 min read

[@215] Tech Tips: Styling Digital Images with ConvolveOp and Using HttpURLConnection to Access Web Pages. Simon — Running a JSP container on port 80 with Mac...

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Kill Bill

Oct 13, 2003
5 min read

[@983] Christoph — Keyring Wifi finder. JTLT 0.4, a templating system for Java. Mozilla Charts an Independent Course. The open-source project, after being sp...

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Yom Kippur

Oct 6, 2003
6 min read

[@900] Java Developer's Journal: One IDE to Rule Them All From Within the Java Community Process Program Multiple Inheritance in Java The Location API Java &...

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Sep 17, 2003
4 min read

[@142] Create Desktop Applications with Java-Based Web Technologies and Mac OS X. Web and Enterprise Architecture Design Patterns for J2EE, Part 2. Tom — App...

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