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23 Dec 2010 10 Years of Blogging
I missed it but December 1 was the 10th anniversary of this blog. Still running the same code I wrote 10 years ago.
14 Feb 2010 Anniversary & Origami
14 Feb 2009 Anthony's Pier 66
Nothing like good seafood for our Valentine/Anniversary dinner.
14 Feb 2008 Anniversary Dinner
Anthony's Pier 66 in Seattle
14 Feb 2005 Valentine/Anniversary
[@602] Nokia 6680/6681 Matt is doing a nice job keeping track of all the 3GSM announcements. [@500] Valentine/Anniversary Happy Valentine's Day Today's is al...
14 Feb 2004 Wedding Anniversary
[@875] Today's a big day for us, not only is it Valentine's Day, it is also our Wedding Anniversary. We're going back to the Café de Paris for dinner. Intell...
14 Feb 2001 Valentine's Day
Big day for the two of us. Valentine's Day is also our Wedding Anniversary.
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