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3/19/18 Twits du Jour (March 18)
Honor View 10 International Giveaway @AndroidAuth #giveaway # I'm at Popeyes Louisiana Chicken in Everett, WA #
3/17/18 Twits du Jour (March 16)
I'm at Walmart in Everett, WA # @sfbard Yeah, making just the kidney stone is gone. #
3/16/18 Twits du Jour (March 15)
I'm at Applebee's Grill + Bar in Bellevue, WA # I'm at KCLS Bellevue Library in Bellevue, WA # I'm at F...
3/15/18 Twits du Jour (March 14)
I'm at Mikie's in Everett, WA # I'm at Tabby's Coffee in Everett, WA # I'm at Everett Public Library in...
3/14/18 Twits du Jour (March 13)
I'm at McDonald's in Everett, WA # Knitters Guild Meeting (@ The Waltz Building) # I'm at City of Snoho...
3/13/18 Twits du Jour (March 12)
Monthly Ostomy Meeting (@ Buzz Inn Steakhouse in Everett, WA) #
3/12/18 Twits du Jour (March 11)
I'm at Gold Creek in Silver Firs, WA # I'm at Fred Meyer in Everett, WA #
3/10/18 Twits du Jour (March 9)
I'm at The UPS Store in Everett, WA # I'm at Everett Fire Department # I'm at Dollar Tree in Everett, W...
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