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5/14/16 Discharge Papers
They are kicking me out of here today. Just waiting for my orders.
5/11/16 Room Without a View
Back in the hospital, had a couple surgeries. Bed rest yesterday, but I should be able to take a stroll today.
3/7/16 2 Weeks Post-Op Follow Up
Staples are out! Back to pre-op weight, amazing what a couple weeks difference make. Doc said that I was looking really good for someone who had major surger...
2/29/16 1 Week Post-op Follow Up
All good, healing nicely. Pathology was in. Stage IIIB (T3 N2a M0) colon cancer, as suspected.
2/22/16 Home Sweet Home
How sweet it'll be, indeed. 10 days ago, I walked into the ER. Today I'm being discharged, finally going back home. I've lost a few internal parts (some good...
2/18/16 I Know Nothing
Surgery went well, or so I was told, I remember nothing,,,
2/16/16 Surgery Update
Tomorrow is d-day, 11 am. Just talked to the resident surgeon, and things are not looking as well as expected. They have decided to go with full frontal inci...
2/16/16 Thoughts from my Hospital Bed...
Now that the NG tube doesn't hurt as much, I can finally get some rest. I fell asleep a few minutes after Vicki left last night. 3 am, fully awake. Left with...
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