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1/20/10 Happy Birthday, Russ!
1/20/09 Happy Birthday, Russ!
1/20/08 Happy Birthday, Russ!
10/16/07 Personal SMS Business Cards via TextMarks
Yesterday at Mobile 2.0, I realized a couple things when talking to people about Mowser. First, I really need to get a Publisher FAQ written and published, a...
8/24/07 Java needs an overhaul
I like Jonathan Schwartz a lot, but I think that unless some drastic changes are made to Java, the move to JAVA as Sun's ticker symbol is going to be as rele...
7/11/07 New Blogs: Russ & Diego
Russ has just started a new blog. So did Diego.
4/24/06 Au revoir, Russ...
Russ is closing is blog after 4 years and over 3000 posts. Well, I think it's time to put this weblog to bed. Yep, after four years and almost 3,000 posts I'...
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