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13 May 2011 Here's How Corporations Dodge Taxes
12 May 2011 Amazing Street Art Graffiti
Click on the picture for more amazing street art/graffiti...
11 May 2011 Starbuck & Starbuck at Starbucks
11 May 2011 If this summer's movie posters told the truth...
11 May 2011 Microsoft + Skype = OMG!
10 May 2011 Super War Room
10 May 2011 Sitting is Killing You
10 May 2011 Best Toilet Paper?
5 Nov 2002 Alaskan Quake
Frank Knapp, who lives in Palmer, sent me the following shots. The quake, centered on the Denali Fault 90 miles south of Fairbanks, struck Sunday November 3...
27 Oct 2002 Claim Jumper
Family Dinner at Claim Jumper
2 Sep 2002 BBQ @ Flora
BBQ at Flora's
2 Sep 2002 Jake's Christening
Photos from Jake's Christening
8 Mar 2002 Snow Watch '02
I took the following pictures in the early morning of March 8, 2002.
7 Dec 2001 Jake Ryan Lindsay
These pictures of Jake were taken on December 6, 2001 at the Evergreen Medical Center.
1 Nov 2001 Clem
For some reason, our cat, Clem, loves to perch himself on the back on my wife's chair.
10 Dec 2000 Max & Clem
A morning in the life of our family cats. Watcha looking at? Now that you woke me, I have to shower. Zzzzzzzz... Maybe it's time for a new flea collar? If o...