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8/28/12 Music Makes You Smarter
Studies show that music has a strong effect on your mood levels and emotions, and also on how you think and your general intelligence.
6/20/12 How Music Improves Learning
Did you know that listening to music stimulates several parts of the brain, and may both increase productivity and help recall memories?
5/18/12 Hardline - Fever Dreams
Johnny is back with a whole new lineup...
7/12/11 Ukulele Badass
Who knew you could make a ukulele sound anything like that?
7/5/11 Born This Heavy Way
Guitarist Ol Drake of British thrashers Evile has written and arranged a heavy version of the Lady Gaga's hit "Born This Way". The resulting track, which — a...
6/22/11 I Wanna Go
Campy.Tongue-in-cheek. I love it!
10/2/08 Brits Got Talent
9/27/08 I Wanna Live
4/18/06 Playlists
My current playlists on
2/20/05 Music
Some of the more notable CDs we recently bought.