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10/19/19 Llama
Vicki made a B line...
10/19/19 Fiber Fusion Northwest
Vicki is working at the ball winding station.
10/3/19 CT Day
Also seeing my nephrologist later on.
6/22/19 Home
Going home with more questions than answers. But at least the pain is now controlled.
6/22/19 ER Visit
Groin/stomach pain started yesterday. Waiting for labs.
6/8/19 Worldwide Knit in Public Day
At Tabby's in the Everett Public Library...
5/5/19 Avengers: Endgame
Early showing...
5/2/19 CT Scan Results
Just got the results of today's CT scan... Apparently, I'm quite unremarkable, and that's a good thing!
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