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2 Sep 2019 Homebody Slipper Socks
Mom wanted a pair of slipper socks. #crochet
30 Aug 2019 Crochet Demo at the Fair
Vicki is demoing knitting.
23 Aug 2019 Herringbone Small Basket
The previous one I made was a bit big for me, and my Mom really liked it. #crochet
22 Aug 2019 Mosaic Basket
20 Aug 2019 Hook & Needle Basket
Needed a little basket for my odds & ends by the couch. #crochet
15 Aug 2019 Happy Scrappy Coasters
There's something quite satisfying about being able to use yarn scraps. #crochet
14 Aug 2019 Flower Hot Pad
Assembling wasn't easy, but I found a video that helped. #crochet
12 Aug 2019 Perfume Bottle Holder
No pattern. I was using a bit of leftover yarn to learn standing double crochet and what came out ended up fitting my Mom's perfume bottle. #crochet
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