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20 Jan 2016 Siding Repairs Update
We found a lot of rot around the belly bands, etc. It'll probably take at least another couple weeks to get it all fixed.
8 Jan 2016 Rot
As expected, we found rot. Not as bad as the other side was; we'll know more soon.
7 Jan 2016 Siding Inspection
Finally getting around to looking at the other side...
3 Jan 2016 Trying to snow...
Might stick too.
23 Nov 2015 Decks Pressure Washing
Depending on tomorrow's weather, we may have to finish on Friday.
26 Oct 2015 Tree Trimming
Today and tomorrow.
21 May 2015 Parking Lot Resurfacing
And so it starts...
1 May 2015 Curbing
They say it will be bulletproof...
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