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2/14/11 Happy New Year, Valentine & Anniversary
12/23/10 10 Years of Blogging
I missed it but December 1 was the 10th anniversary of this blog. Still running the same code I wrote 10 years ago.
2/14/10 Anniversary & Origami
2/14/09 Anthony's Pier 66
Nothing like good seafood for our Valentine/Anniversary dinner.
2/14/08 Anniversary Dinner
Anthony's Pier 66 in Seattle
2/14/05 Valentine/Anniversary
[@602] Nokia 6680/6681 Matt is doing a nice job keeping track of all the 3GSM announcements. [@500] Valentine/Anniversary Happy Valentine's Day Today's is al...
2/14/04 Wedding Anniversary
[@875] Today's a big day for us, not only is it Valentine's Day, it is also our Wedding Anniversary. We're going back to the Café de Paris for dinner. Intell...
2/14/01 Valentine's Day
Big day for the two of us. Valentine's Day is also our Wedding Anniversary.
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