OnePlue One & LineageOS 14: Pixel Launcher Installation

<1 min read

This is how I installed the Pixel Launcher on my OnePlus One running LineageOS 14.

First, download the Open GApps Stock variant on your phone.

Second, create the following directory and file on your phone:


Put the following in it:

CalculatorGoogle # Install Google Calculator ClockGoogle # Install Google Clock Maps # Install Google Maps TagGoogle # Install Google NFC Tags Photos # Install Google Photos GooglePlus # Install Google+ Hangouts # Install Hangouts YouTube # Install YouTube Search # Install Search Wallpapers # Install Wallpapers PixelLauncher # Install Pixel Launcher (requires Search and Wallpapers) PixelIcons # Install Google Pixel Icons

This will basically tell GApps to install the Mini variant and the Pixel Launcher, since there isn't enough room to install everything included in the Stock variant.

Reboot your phone to recovery, and install the GApps Stock zip file as usual.

More info on configuring GApps is available here.