VersionEye Plug-in for Kobalt

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I've released my thrid plug-in for Cédric's Kobalt build system based on Kotlin.

The plug-in will create and update projects on VersionEye, a service that notifies you about outdated dependencies, security vulnerabilities and license violations.

To use the plug-in include the following in your Build.kt file:

import net.thauvin.erik.kobalt.plugin.versioneye.*

val pl = plugins("net.thauvin.erik:kobalt-versioneye:")

val p = project {
    name = "example"
    group = "com.example"
    artifactId = name
    version = "0.1"

    versionEye {
        failOn(Fail.securityCheck, Fail.licensesCheck)

To create a new project on VersionEye, simple execute:

./kobaltw -Dversioneye.ApiKey=YOUR_API_KEY_HERE versionEye

The plug-in will output something like:

VersionEye Plug-in for Kobalt

Documentation and source are on GitHub.