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java blogJay — Java jobs making a slight comeback.

java blogSteve — Top Ten Toys for Java Coders in JDeveloper 9.0.5.

blogJeremy — A Way To Avoid The Messaging Nasties. I use ZoneAlarm on my Windows box.

newsNYT: AOL Time Warner Considers Cutting 'AOL' From Name.

musicJudge Rejects RIAA Subpoenas. A bump in the road?

javaDevWiki 0.9.7, an application of Webtrans which is an editable website.


musicRio reveals 20GB Ogg Vorbis network music player. Karma, Nitrus, Cali, Chiba , Chiba and Rio Fuse.

java blogJoshua — Where are my free JavaBeans?!

java blogRusty — version 0.2.9 of XML Indent, JXP 1.3 and second release candidate of JavaHelp 2.0.

blogJeremy — HP Means HapPy.

javaJCards 4.0rc1, a free Java application designed to store and manage data in any format.

blogMany Bluetooth gadgets open to wireless snooping. Duh!

technologyGPL goes to court. IBM's SCO counter suit breaks cover.

blogJoi — Is streamripping illegal?

javaJMeter 1.9 final version released.

java blogMatt — RSS Owl 0.51b.

java blogMatt — Tomcat 5.0.7 Alpha.

blogAndrej — 9.0.5 equals 10G.

blogJeremy — Talk Directly to the Unix Yahoo! Messenger Team.

java blogOrb — java.blogs best practices.

blogAndy— Open Source gets a lobbying group.


booksJavarules, free online Java book available.

javaJikes Bytecode Toolkit, a 100% Java class library that enables Java programs to create, read, and write binary Java class files.

javaJAR Class Finder, a WSAD/Eclipse plug-in utility for finding JAR files containing a given class.

developmentGCC 3.3.1 Released.

moblogJim — Vodafone, wake up!

java blogRuss — URIs, Java Packages and Domain Names, Storing Markup, The Job Search and Java Almanac Reminder.

blogMatt — Mono Python Bindings.

java blogCarlos — Pair Programming With Yourself!

moblogAl — Siemens SX-1 new info and images.

java blogHenri — JBoss Group commits PR gaff.

java blogDavid — blojsom 2.0 codebase seeded.

java blogMatt — AppFuse 0.9 Released!

java blogArjun — Java.net and weblogs: The Road ahead.

java blogJames — JBoss, Elba, Geronimo! FudBucket!

java blogEugene — A nasty trick with the mouse wheel.

java blogKirk — How free is your IDE?

java blogHani — The evils of commons-logging.jar and its ilk.

java blogDaniel — Just a Little JXTA Muse.

java blogAndreas — AndroMDA - MDA Code Generation Framework.

blogBertrand — There's no such thing as a blank namespace.

blogKevin — Dear Mr Schwarzenegger.

blogSimon — Code personalities.

blogKenneth — bash csh ksh Shell Resources at SHELLdorado.

blogSteve — How to survive a slashdotting.

java blogLuke — Hella cool.

java blogKeith — Eclipse 3.0 M2 on Linux.

pdaGaim 0.1 for Zaurus.

javaJaxMeJS 1.12,a JaxMe JavaSource generation framework.

technology‘TRON’ finally spawns game. Only took 21 years.

newsThe Cyclic Ketogenic Diet. Looks interesting.

newsActor-dancer Gregory Hines dead at 57. Cancer sucks.


usWe went to see S.W.A.T on Saturday. We both really liked it. It has a very realistic feel to it, which is quite unusual for the action genre.

On August 11, 1874 — A patent for the sprinkler head was given to Harry S. Parmelee.