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August 7, 2012


Twits du Jour (August 6)

  • iOS6: YouTube out! #
  • RT @loweringthebar: Putting a robot on Mars: $2.5 billion. TSA budget 2012: $7.85 billion. And the robot works. #
  • Mobile DTV is here... #
  • @gerikson I like foursquare telling that I've been somewhere x times, or haven't been there since x. That's missing from Path. #
  • @gerikson I just want to know where I've been and when... I couldn't care less about the social aspects, etc. #
  • @gerikson Path allows you to include people with your check-ins too, that's sorely missing from foursquare. #
  • @gerikson Didn't do that well with the other services. ;-) #
  • I was within the first 0.28% of users to join foursquare! via @idegoco #