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November 16, 2011


Twits du Jour (November 15)

  • Yesterday was the beginning of the end of the iPad market dominance. However you look at it, the Kindle Fire is major competition. #
  • @talios The two seasons have very little in common. Both equally good. #
  • @talios You should watch Strike Back, first (UK) and second (US) seasons. #
  • @talios Downloading Hidden... A Gifted Man didn't appeal to me in the previews. #
  • @talios Grimm is growing on me. Castle, of course. Bones too. #
  • @talios Yeah. Haven and Fringe are at the top of list for me. #
  • @talios What else? Sanctuary? Strike Back? Haven? #
  • @talios I thought the last episode was too predictable, but putting a 'face' on the villain was a good move. #
  • @!talios We're watching Alphas too. Keep on hoping it will get better, but isn't really getting anywhere. #
  • @talios I like Danno. The new girl is okay too. #
  • @talios Are you watching Person of Interest? Hands down the best new show of the season for me. #
  • @talios First episode was a little slow, but as I said it has potential. I'll know after the second episode. #
  • @talios Watched the first episode of Hell on Wheels last night, going to have to watch one more to make a determination. It's got potential. #
  • @talios The first two episodes of Ringer were pretty good too. #
  • @talios I watched the first 2 of Revenge, wasn't wowed. It gets better? #
  • @talios No, I mean I'm downloading episodes that have been broadcasted on PUBLIC airwaves. ;-) #
  • @talios Downloading the first four episodes now... #
  • @talios Haven't watched Boss at all, any good? #
  • @talios We watched a few episodes, not sure if we'll be watching any more. #