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October 28, 2009


Twits du Jour (October 27)

  • Erik's Tumbles - How To: Install Homebrew Apps on the Palm Pre #
  • Erik's Tumbles - 64-Bit Windows Tomcat Service: If you have a 64Bit windows install you will soon realize that you c... #
  • @analy_ttrell Actually, now that I figured out where most of the options I was looking for are, nothing. But thanks for asking. :-) #
  • Are Apple & Nokia the only phone manufacturers left without an Android phone in the works? ;-) #
  • @mfp2 Nevermind, I found it. #
  • @mfp2 Really, all the features and then some? Then tell me how I can quickly view/select all of the pictures I took in dec 2008? ;-) #
  • Why do most customer services email responses basically tell you to call them? Wouldn't it be a lot easier to just do it via email? #