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October 1, 2009


Google: 'GoogSMS' should be named 'SMS for Google'

Got the following this morning regarding GoogSMS....

Date: Thu, 1 Oct 2009 15:18:22 -0700
Subject: Your use of GoogSMS
From: Google Trademark Enforcement Team <tmpolicing at>
To: erik at
Cc: tmpolicing at

Dear Erik:

Thanks for supporting the Android platform! We noticed that you've
chosen an Google-based name for your product, GoogSMS. We're flattered
that you want to refer to our Google brand, but we're concerned that
any such name will confuse consumers into believing that your product
is created, sponsored or endorsed by Google.

Please do not use Google in the name. If you really need to use Google
in the name, please use the descriptive phrase "for Google" instead.
Check out our branding guidelines,, for more
information on how to properly refer to our Google brand in your

We appreciate your support and cooperation,

The Google Trademark Team


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