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May 19, 2004

How do I do it?


meHow do I do it?

A few days ago, the folks on #mobitopia were wondering how I manage my Linkblog, etc. They thought it would be something interesting to blog about. I've briefly explained the process before, but I'll go in more details this time around.

Here goes nothing.
How many feeds do you read?

I monitor around 1600 feeds on a daily basis.

How long does it take to read them all?

First, I don't actually read everything. I usually scan the subject/topic first and weed out the stuff I'm definitely not interested with.

Second, I rarely read everything at once, but when I do, it takes a little over an hour. I usually spend 30 minutes or so here and there throughout the day.

Which news/feeds reader do you use, and why?

NewzCrawler. Everything else I've tried (and I've tried them all) chokes on the sheer volume, or lacks some major functionality I really need.

When I find something of interest I post it using the Blog This! editor:
Blog This! Blog This!
Items are held in the Scratchpad until published:
Blog This!
If needed I can also manually add or edits links:
Blog This!
As soon as I'm done reading and there are enough links on hold, I publish them:
Blog This!
That's it.

I've streamlined the process as much as I could. Everything is pretty much automated at this point.

Why links and so little commentary?

I'm terse by nature.

I've never really been interested in blogging per se. I like reading blogs because they provide a gold mine of information. They also makes it impossible to efficiently manage my bookmarks. Keeping bookmarks on my blog seemed like the right way to go. Apparently it caught on.

I also don't believe it is my job to educate (or sway) people. I'll show you the way, you can draw your own conclusions.

Where do you find new feeds?

On blogs. In my referrers. If you mention it, I'll subscribe to it.
The truth is really out there. :-)